Get a Free Ripstick When You Try  To Ripstick Live Classes Only $10 a Month

Workout With 10,000 People Live Using The Worlds Best Portable Gym.

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What’s included?

Ripstick Live is fun live and on-demand workout classes using the Ripstick, the worlds best portable gym. Workout with other Ripstick owners from the comfort of your home, office, or hotel room. Now you can get a free Ripstick just by trying Ripstick live.

  • 1 Ripstick Pro 
  • 2-4 Live Classes Per Day
  • Personal Trainer Experience
  • All Class Recordings
  • On Demand Classes
  • Bonus! Extra bands
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You can cancel your monthly subscription at anytime.

What Is The Ripstick?

Watch this 60 Sec Video

The Ripstick is Intense

The Ripstick provides an intense workout no matter where you are, 30 min with the Ripstick will feel like you spent hours at the gym. Now you can get a free Ripstick just by trying Ripstick live.

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